Shortage occupational immigration🇨🇦: low threshold, high income, no IELTS required

Construction workers, nurse assistants, rural workers, truck drivers, no need for IELTS scores, quadruple the income of immigrating to Canada, and do not need to work overtime? What kind of immigration program is this?

Ontario’s shortage of occupational immigrants, the full name of Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program-Employer Job Offer: In Demand Skilled Worker. It is a subcategory project under the Ontario Provincial Nominee Immigration Channel. It is an immigration project with the lowest qualification requirements for candidates among the provincial nomination projects in Ontario. It is especially suitable for candidates who have corresponding work experience in China and have basic English skills.

Popular Science 1: What is a shortage occupation

According to the economic development needs of different regions, the Ontario government of Canada will formulate a shortage occupation list (see Figure 2 for details of all types of work). Regulars on the list are: truck drivers, nurse aides, construction workers, farm workers, meatpackers, etc. It is a relatively hard-working physical technical job, but it is also a job with a higher income among blue-collar workers. The annual salary of truck drivers can exceed 100,000 Canadian dollars a year.

Popular science 2: What kind of personal qualifications should the applicant possess:

To apply for Ontario Provincial Nomination through shortage occupations, applicants must meet 6 major requirements:

1. The income reaches the average salary level of the industry in the local area

2. Have 9 months of full-time work experience or equivalent part-time work experience (and must be work experience within the past 3 years) in a job position established by Ontario.

3: Applicants need to have a high school education or above and have a qualification certificate/license to engage in the industry.

4: The English IELTS score reaches CLB 4 (about 4 points in the total IELTS score). If you have three years of work experience in this industry, you can be exempted from IELTS!

5: The applicant provides legal personal documents and proof of funds.

Popular science 3⃣️: I am a construction worker, how do I apply for immigration?

Obtain a long-term full-time job offer from an Ontario employer, and through the assistance of the employer, handle the work permit, LMIA, and various visa procedures. Enter Canada to work for 9 months. Subsequently, the licensed immigration consultant will complete the application for Canadian permanent resident status for you through the Ontario Provincial Nomination Channel. The whole cycle takes about 2 and a half years.

Yurun Immigration is a federally licensed (No. R511136) immigration legal consulting service company and a registered member of the Canadian Immigration Consultants Professional Association (No. R15166). So far, it has assisted nearly a thousand clients to immigrate to Canada. We will conduct a detailed review of the applicant’s personal qualifications and visa records to confirm that the applicant has sufficient immigration application conditions and the project is sure of success. We will not be sales-oriented to handle projects for customers, and applicants with low success rates will be declined. Based on the applicant’s personal qualifications and work experience, we will conduct job interviews with employers who match him with suitable construction engineering positions, and the employer and the applicant will make two-way selection.

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