Small Business Investment Immigration

Collective Investment Immigration and Employer Guarantee Immigration Advantages Investment Small Business Immigration
Florists, bakeries, grocery stores, etc.

Short cycle, low threshold, Whole family Immigration Program

Since its operation in 2014, Yurun Immigration has helped more than 1,000 clients immigrate to Canada. It is a federally licensed (No. R511136) immigration legal consulting service company and a registered member of the Canadian Immigration Consultants Professional Association (No. R15166). The price of Yurun’s immigration project has been verified by market comparison, and it is a very competitive price on the market. We provide professional and attentive service. Let you realize your dream of Canada with low cost, high timeliness, and low risk.

The small business immigration program combines the immigration requirements of investment and provincial nomination employer sponsorship, and is a special program of our company. The project cycle and application conditions are very friendly to applicants who are older, who are not proficient in English and do not want to spend a lot of money to “buy” employer-sponsored immigration. Applicants can obtain family immigration status through genuine work experience.

Program Core Advantages

  • Combined advantages, high flexibility
  • Employer sponsorship is not suitable for your job? Investment immigration has a large amount, a long time, and a high risk? This project circumvents the above problems.
  • Low cost and high approval rate
  • Program costs are lower than employer-sponsored immigration and investment immigration
  • low language requirements
  • IELTS 5 points to apply
  • One person applies immigration for the whole family
  • One green card, the whole family could immigrate.
  • Enjoy benefits, high income for new immigrants.
  • Positive cash flow, soft landing for self-employment
  • Small businesses can bring economic income to households, aid a soft landing

Program Application Requirements

1. IELTS: 5 points or above

Applicants need to have basic IELTS ability, which can meet the project application requirements and work requirements.

2. The visa record is good, and there is no visa refusal history.

Applicants need to have a good visa record with no history of visa refusal and no record of overstaying in Canada.

3. Have relevant experience in running small business

Applicants need to have experience in a related business and have the ability to operate the same type of business in Canada.

Program Handling Procedure

Step 01. Evaluate a suitable small business according to your personal situation and get in touch

The licensed consultant of Yurun Immigration Canada will conduct a detailed review of the applicant’s personal qualifications and visa records to confirm that the applicant has sufficient immigration application conditions and the project has a success rate. We will not be sales-oriented to handle projects for customers, and we will decline service for applicants with low success rate and high risk.

We will match the applicant with a suitable business or store based on his personal qualifications and work experience, and evaluate the business plan.

  • Length: about 3-6 months
  • English proficiency: temporarily not required
  • Customer Location: China
  • Core Objectives: Prepare customer information and confirm the acquisition of business
Step 02 Apply for a work permit and start a Canadian business

Yurun Immigration Canada licensed consultants will handle the visa application required for each stage of the applicant, package the personal resume and immigration file, and prepare the documents required to travel to Canada. After the work permit application is approved, the applicant will travel to Canada to start the newly acquired business and earn income in the Canadian home market.

  • Length: about 1 year
  • English proficiency: temporarily not required
  • Customer Location: Canada
  • Core goal: Accumulate the business hours required for immigration
Step 03 After landing in Canada to work for one year, apply for family immigration

After the candidate has been in business in Canada for one year, we will process the application for permanent residence for the applicant, and finally obtain the Canadian permanent residence status. We will then process immigration for the family of the main applicant.

  • Length: about 1 year
  • English grades: need to be submitted
  • Customer Location: Canada
  • Core Goal:Complete the immigration application of the main applicant and family members

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