super visa

Processing fee $800 CAD

Project Description

Super visas are for parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Although the reunion immigration of parents and grandparents is currently at a standstill, super visas can basically be issued and are valid for many times for many years. Each entry can stay for two years, which basically solves the problem of Canadian citizens, permanent residents and parents living in two places.

In addition to the basic requirements of a tourist visa, a super visa requires:

  • Evidence that your child or grandchild meets the minimum income threshold
  • Provide written proof from children or grandchildren that they will support you financially
  • Purchase at least one year of medical insurance with a maximum coverage of 100,000 Canadian dollars
  • pre-examination

application materials

Materials required for application:

  1. Complete the INFO form
  2. Scanned copies of all pages of the passport
  3. Original experience certificate report
  4. 1 recent digital photo
  5. Bank statement for the past 6 months
  6. Bank deposit certificate
  7. IMM5476 Principal Form (signature and scan after filling)
  8. Student ID card front and back scanning
  9. Proof of income, if you are employed, provide proof of employment
  10. proof of medical insurance
  11. Copy of ID card, marriage certificate, account book and retirement certificate

Handling process
  1. Fill in the form and submit the document
  2. Pay for services
  3. Submit required materials
  4. Contact online customer service
  5. Successfully obtained a visa

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