Teach you 3 steps DIY Canadian WES degree certification

Educational certification is the key material when applying for Canadian immigration and visa. Especially when applying for Canadian immigration through Express Entry and other channels, the overseas certification of higher education qualifications completed outside Canada must be carried out at the designated ECA institution, and the qualifications are converted into immigration scores.

Step 1: Register with a WES account and submit an application for degree certification

Enter WES official website, select Canada under “Where will you use your evaluation?”, in the next three choices, for friends who need to apply for school or apply for a job in Canada, choose the first one; friends who immigrate choose the second indivual. Then fill in your name, email address, personal information, and create an account;

Then, enter the “add credential” page, fill in the personal education information, and make good use of the auto-completion/search function on this page to find your school and major. For Chinese undergraduate degree certification, you need to choose course by course evaluation. After filling out, submit the application and make payment, get a Reference Number, write it down in a small notebook

Step 2: Enter “Xuexinwang” and verify domestic results.

After completing the application on the WES page, you need to log in to Xuexin.com to verify your grades, and then log in to Degree.com to verify your degree.

First, enter Xuexin.com, register and log in, then click “Online Application System”, then select “Education and Achievement Certification”, and then select “Canada WES” in the “Application Purpose” column.

Then enter the sub-page, fill in your university grades, and then upload the scanned copies of the following 4 documents: transcripts in Chinese and English, front and back of ID card, graduation certificate (or certificate of enrollment). The seal on all document certificates must be clear and complete, and the transcript must be stamped with the seal of the school’s academic affairs department. Finally, submit the application and wait for the certification of Xuexin.com. It usually takes 1 week to complete the review.

After completing the application on the WES page, you need to log in to Xuexin.com to verify your grades, and then log in to Degree.com to verify your degree. After completing the review, send the review report to WES in the “International Cooperation Application” column of the Xuexin file.

Step 3: Enter the “Degree Network” to complete the degree certification.

First, prepare a clear scanned copy of your personal ID card and a scanned copy of the original degree certificate. Enter the degree network, click “China degree certification” to start “degree certification application”. Then fill in the name, ID card and degree certificate number, and apply for the Chinese degree electronic certification report. Select the certification purpose – immigration, and then submit the application form. Then go back to the degree website homepage and click “Degree Application Form Management” on the left side, and then click “Completed Application Form” to query the Chinese degree certification report. After downloading the report, log in to Xuexin.com, and submit it to WES sends the report to complete the whole verification process.

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