The backlog of cases has been greatly reduced, and the countdown to CEC invitation reopening!

🌟During the two months in late 2021, the backlog of cases in the EE-CEC category has improved very significantly. Among them, the backlog of the most concerned CEC category has decreased from 48,000 at the end of October 2021 to 24,000 in mid-December. Eliminate 25,000 CAs within 50 days, which is equivalent to processing 14,000 EE-CEC applications every month. Calculated at this rate, by the end of February 2022, the backlog of cases in the EE-CEC category will be cleared, and new CEC invitations will be available to you.

👀However, the EE-FSW channel, which also belongs to the federal fast track, is more miserable. From October to December 21, the backlog of cases increased from 51,147 to 54,776, and the number increased instead of decreasing. We can speculate that the current manpower of CIC is concentrated on handling CEC cases and temporarily put aside the attention on the FSW channel. After all, it is relatively easier to quickly review the application materials in Canada, and the CEC backlog will be eliminated faster than FSW.

🤔Nomination EE is the only channel that has not suspended invitations in the past 4 months, and still sends new immigrants every month. From late October to mid-December, the backlog increased by 1,759 from 37,566 to a total of 39,325. The Federal Tradesman FST category currently has a backlog of only 814 cases.

Overall, under the EE federal fast-track system, CIC focuses on CEC, and it is even possible to devote the vast majority of manpower to dealing with the backlog of CEC cases. We can speculate that the EE invitation at the beginning of this year will still have a policy of favoring the CEC category. Even if the FSW category rejoins the invitation, it will be an invitation for all categories + CEC rotation system.

Most of the CEC applicants are already working in Canada, providing local labor and contributing tax. They can land in Canada seamlessly, and the case handling process is relatively simple. Therefore, “not seeking far away” is still the basic strategy of the Immigration Bureau for the next six months.

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