The Canadian Immigration Service is fully accelerating, and the CEC/FSW application will be reopened early next year!

The backlog of 1.8 million cases in the Canadian Immigration Service is gradually easing! The EE-CEC category and the overseas FSW category, which have suspended invitations for a long time, are likely to reopen invitations early next year. According to the news from CIC NEW, the Canadian Immigration Service is currently processing the backlog of CEC cases at full speed, with a processing speed of 14,000 per month!

According to Immigration Minister Sean Fraser, the Immigration Service will not reopen the CEC invitation until at least the current EE category application backlog is reduced by half. At the end of October, the Immigration Service had a backlog of nearly 110,000 CEC category cases on hand. According to this progress, from October to February next year, there will be a total of four months. If 14,000 applications are processed every month, the backlog of EE cases on hand by the Immigration Bureau will be reduced by half in early February 2022. Therefore, we can expect that around February, there will be a new EE-CEC invitation with a high probability. (In addition, the Minister of Immigration will also launch a new year’s immigration plan in early February). Friends in the EE pool, you still need to be patient, it will be your turn soon! Judging from the EE cases being processed by Yurun Immigration, all EE cases submitted before the beginning of September have all passed the review and obtained COPR, with a pass rate of 100%, and the review speed is very fast, and the slowest can be about 6 months get the result. As for overseas FSWP invitations that everyone is also very concerned about, the Immigration Bureau conducted an online lecture some time ago and revealed that FSWP will also reopen early next year, but it is very likely that EE categories will be invited alternately with EE-CEC categories, so FSW The cut-off score for invitations faced by applicants can be high. At present, there are a lot of high-level people in the pool. There are a total of 50,000 people with a score of 450 or more, and nearly 20,000 people with a score of 471 to 490! And with international travel hit by new variants, overseas applicants still face a lot of uncertainty. For friends who are determined to immigrate to Canada, I suggest that you enter Canada as soon as possible.

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