The Immigration Bureau distributes 3 big gift packages for international students and tourists

Package 1: Travel visa valid for 10 years.

The Canadian Immigration Bureau issued a temporary measure. Considering the backlog of the trial during the special period, Canada will provide applicants who apply for a small visa (also for TRV Visitor Visa) with a validity period of up to 10 years depending on the situation!

The specific implementation rules of this interim measure are as follows:

Starting from July 2021, international students and work permit holders who apply for a travel visa (small visa) in Canada may obtain a visa valid for up to 10 years with a number starting with V-1!

Considering that the application fee for a small visa application is at least 100 knives, and the validity period is generally only 1-3 years. This wave of friends who applied for the 10-year visa is really bloody money! You know, in the past, only super visas starting with PG-1 had such a long validity period. Friends who need to apply for a travel visa should seize this wave of benefits.

In addition, the Immigration Service has recently made a small visa adjustment. Students who hold a study permit or a work permit will find that they receive visas starting with V instead of visas starting with W- or S- when applying for a small visa. The Immigration Bureau has clarified this matter. This is a temporary policy adopted during the epidemic, and you can use it with confidence.

Package 2: Tourist visa approval has been greatly accelerated.

Until last month, the Canadian travel visa processing cycle was a crashing 300 days +, but just this week, the time required to apply for a Canadian visitor visa (10-year tourist visa) in China has been accelerated to 194 days.

With Canada announcing the lifting of entry restrictions for more international travelers, the Immigration Service is likely to significantly speed up the processing of travel visas. At the beginning of September, the Immigration Bureau briefly suggested that friends who submitted tourist visas before September 7 can submit a new application again. The new application will be processed under a simpler and more approval process, and the approval speed may be faster. This statement was later deleted by the Immigration Bureau, but its substantive effect is likely to still exist.

Package 3:

Application period for bridge work permit extended!

The Bridge Open Work Permit is a special work visa for applicants who have submitted permanent resident applications to temporarily extend their work visas during the months of waiting for PR. Only candidates who have been invited by the Immigration Bureau can apply, including provincial nominee applicants, CEC applicants, etc.

Under the original rules, applicants had to submit their bridging work permit application within four months of the expiry of their existing work permit. Recently, the Immigration Bureau has canceled this time limit, and the applicant has more time to submit the application.

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