The medical system is under great pressure, and Ontario is urgently “semi-closed”!

Just after the festive New Year and Christmas holidays, the provincial capital of Ontario, Canada has become “Kaifeng Mansion” again. Starting from January 5, Ontario will temporarily return to the second stage of “closed restart”, tighten epidemic prevention measures, and limit the number of dine-in and indoor gatherings. The school will also cancel offline classes until at least January 17. The Omicron strain spreads rapidly in Ontario. Although the research shows that the combined hospitalization rate of the infected population is only 1%, its astonishing spread has led to more than 10,000 new infections every day in Ontario, which has caused serious damage to the medical system. pressure.

Ontario has urgently launched the following 12 epidemic prevention policies today to slow down the growth curve. These restrictions will last at least 21 days:

1. Indoor dining in restaurants and bars is closed, and only outdoor dining and takeaway are allowed.

2. Reduce the number of social gatherings to 5 people indoors and 10 people outdoors

3. Retail outlets, shopping malls and personal care service providers are limited to half the original capacity

4. Sauna, steam room and oxygen bar are closed

5. Weddings, funerals and religious services limited to half the number of people

6. A distance of two meters must be maintained between all participants of outdoor services

7. Employees must work remotely, unless the work requires the employee to be present

8. Gyms and other indoor leisure and sports facilities are closed

9. The use of outdoor facilities is allowed, but the number of people is limited to half

10. Museums, galleries, zoos, science museums, historical attractions, amusement parks and other attractions are closed

11. Outdoor venues with restrictions and capacity restrictions allowed to open

12. Indoor meeting and event spaces are closed, but those with outdoor spaces can be opened to a limited extent

In addition, Ontario schools will be closed until January 17, and students can take online courses.

What is heartwarming is that both the federal government and the provincial government of Ontario will provide a new round of economic support for affected businesses. Enterprises and individuals who meet the requirements can receive a considerable amount of subsidies. At the same time, operating expenses such as energy bills and company loan interest can also be subsidized by the provincial government.

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